Why and how did this store come about....in about 2012 research was begun to find out if the Panama veterans were exposed to Agent Orange (AO), the same chemical used in Vietnam, which is why this store is named AOshop.online.

 Now it has become my life's work to help these men and women and families who have been affected. First it was a book, Travels of Orange, then it was a website, then a Youtube channel Travels of Orange, then a paper published in the Online Journal of Soil Sciences called Long-Term Environmental Impacts of Pesticide and Herbicide Use in Panama Canal Zone then another website agentorangeinpanama.com to blog about my research, and now this store website to continue the battle for benefits.

By selling t-shirts and other clothing about AO affecting these veterans to help spread the word, my hope is that Panama will be finally recognized as a presumptive place and these veterans will be on their way to getting a fair shake and that other veterans who are hurting in silence can be found.

I have learned a lot of skills along the way to help these Panama veterans and families that served their country honorably. After this project is done, I will continue the store, bringing outstanding products to you the consumer.

Thank you for supporting my store.